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Carbon fiber — by far the most widely used fiber in high-performance applications — is produced from a variety of precursors, including polyacrylonitrile (PAN), rayon and pitch. The precursor fibers are heated and stretched to create the high-strength fibers. The first high-performance carbon fibers on the market were made from rayon precursor. PAN- and pitch-based fiber have replaced rayon-based fiber in most applications, but the latter’s “dogbone” cross-section often makes it the fiber of choice for carbon/carbon (C/C) composites. PAN-based carbon fibers are the most versatile and widely used. They offer an amazing range of properties, including excellent strength — to 1,000 ksi — and high stiffness. Pitch fibers, made from petroleum or coal tar pitches, have high to extremely high stiffness and low to negative axial CTE. Their CTE properties are especially useful in spacecraft applications that require thermal management, such as electronic instrumentation housings. Although they are stronger than glass or aramid fibers, carbon fibers are not only less impact-resistant but also can experience galvanic corrosion in contact with metal. Fabricators overcome the latter problem by using a barrier material or veil ply — often fiberglass/epoxy — during laminate layup.


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Forged composites replace complex metal parts

Powerhouse manufacturer’s high-pressure compression molding process forms prepregged CFRP components with forged-metal properties.
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Nissan JUKE-R gets a carbon fiber upgrade CompositesWorld

The bumper is manufactured from 100% carbon fiber.

Solar Impulse 2 begins 120-hour Japan-to-Hawaii journey CompositesWorld

After being grounded by weather in Japan for several weeks, the solar-powered, composites-intensive Solar Impulse 2 has departed for Hawaii on the eighth leg of its around-the-world journey.

Carbon-fiber Hoverbike being developed for U.S. Department of Defense CompositesWorld

Developers Malloy Aeronautics claim the Hoverbike is built to do many of the jobs that a helicopter currently does.

King Agro to develop carbon fiber booms for John Deere CompositesWorld

John Deere will offer its 2016 model of the 4730 Sprayer with the option of carbon fiber booms exclusively to the South American and Latin American market.

Unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg tapes just 15 gsm CompositesWorld

North Thin Ply Technology has developed a unidirectional prepreg tape with an areal weight of only 15 gsm, producing what is possibly the thinnest prepreg tape on the market.

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