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Published: 5/31/2017

Composites bridge the gap in an historic nature trail
Partially pre-assembled pultruded parts helicoptered in for quick, nature-sensitive assembly.

Published: 5/31/2017

Shape Machining shapes Elemental sports car
Designed and manufactured by a team of ex-McLaren designers, the recently launched RP1 features advanced aerodynamics and novel composite solutions, including an all-carbon composite passenger tub built to Formula 1 strength and stiffness standards....

Published: 5/31/2017

Composites in transit: Rolling robotic “stuff carrier” the new must-have
PPF’s Gita can move at a human walking pace or can accelerate up to 35 kph, fast enough to keep pace with a runner.

Published: 5/31/2017

Where are they now?
Promising technologies of yesteryear: Where are they now? What can be learned from unful lled promise?

Published: 4/27/2017

The automotive industry’s “killer app”?
Automotive is king, and the killer automotive app will be the multi-material and all-carbon-fiber B-pillar.

Published: 3/31/2017

Composites: Hiding in plain sight
We need a collective public relations campaign to create more awareness of composites’ benefits.

Published: 3/10/2017

Composites for builders: Establishing structural foundations
Doors open to composites in residential and light commercial construction, above and below ground.

Published: 3/9/2017

SMC: Old dog, new tricks
A sheet molding compound renaissance highlights new reinforcements, new fillers, new matrices, new opportunities.

Published: 2/24/2017

Russian Orthodox cathedral in Paris topped with composite domes
Infused, multi-piece molded sections formed finished domes that reduced dead load on the final building structure by 80%.

Published: 2/22/2017

Google shoots the moon
Google Lunar XPRIZE contenders turn to space- and launch-friendly composites.