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Published: 2/27/2017

Revolution Fibres increasing production capacity for nanofiber strengthening product
The company is making advancements with its Xantu.Layr product, the reportedly world’s only commercially available nanofiber composite reinforcement veil.   

Published: 1/3/2017

Top composites news stories of 2016
A look back at the most-clicked news articles of 2016 based on page views.

Published: 12/9/2016

Nano-reinforced nylon competes with PEEK composites for medical parts
Foster's new Nanomed MAX compounds use nanoclay to provide 15% more tensile strength than unmodified PEEK, for approximately half the price.

Published: 11/28/2016

Haydale Graphene Industries, Huntsman enter into joint agreement
The agreement provides Huntsman with the exclusive worldwide rights to market, distribute and sell a range of its resins enhanced with Haydale functionalized graphene, which will include ARALDITE epoxy resins.

Published: 10/28/2016

Single-wall carbon nanotubes complete REACH registration
OCSiAl is the world’s first manufacturer of single-wall carbon nanotubes (SWCNT) to complete REACH registration.

Published: 10/17/2016

Applied Graphene Materials secures first production order
Applied Graphene Materials has supplied its graphene material for use in the production of a range of fishing rods.

Published: 9/12/2016

Huntsman researching opportunities for graphene-enhanced nanocomposites
The company is working on incorporating graphene into its Araldite epoxy resins.

Published: 9/6/2016

Rutgers engineers use microwaves to make graphene
Rutgers experts discover an easy way to make graphene for flexible and printable electronics, energy storage and catalysis.

Published: 8/17/2016

Faster, cheaper nanomaterial safety screening
UCLA develops new test to assess hazardousness of engineered nanomaterials.

Published: 8/9/2016

Aligned carbon nanotubes boost in-plane strength of composite laminates
New paper published by MIT also shows open hole compression strength upped by 14% and bolt pull out bolstered by 30%.