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ZOLTEK product lines include the PX35 and PX30 carbon fibers and the OX line of oxidized fiber. These products are ideal for reinforcement, electrical conductivity, fire resistance, friction and carbon/carbon applications. Available in a variety of product forms.

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IACMI launches new project to optimize resins and sizings for vinyl ester/carbon fiber
The project will develop vinyl ester resin/fiber sizing/carbon fiber combinations that are styrene-free and that have room temperature storage capability of at least three months and cure times less than three minutes.

SMC: Old dog, new tricks
A sheet molding compound renaissance highlights new reinforcements, new fillers, new matrices, new opportunities.

Zoltek to expand carbon fiber production in Mexico
This expansion project, together with existing carbon fiber capacity at the Hungary facility, will grow Zoltek’s total global capacity to more than 20,000 tons per year.

OOA composites in next-generation launch systems
As United Launch Alliance ULA replaces Atlas and Delta with next-generation launch rockets under the Vulcan name, supplier Ruag Space has been selected to provide lower cost/improved quality out-of-autoclave fabrication of Vulcan’s composite primary structures. Ruag will manufacture 5.4m payload fairings and 400-series interstage adapters for ULA’s Atlas V rocket.

Composites in Class A body panels: Evolution continues
Low-density SMCs lead the way as fiber-reinforced polymers make headway in auto components that must please the eye.

CAMX 2016 preview: Zoltek
Zoltek (St. Louis, MO, US) a manufacturer of industrial-grade carbon fiber, will highlight its PX35 product line, a low-cost industrial grade carbon fiber in various product forms, including tow, chopped, milled and pultruded plate.

Zoltek names new CEO
Effective May 18, 2016, Yoshihiro Takeuchi took over as president, COO and CEO of Zoltek Companies.

Aerospace growth climbs with carbon fiber
The business case for carbon fiber in narrowbodies has become a lot stronger now that these operational benefits are in evidence.

Carbon/epoxy Cadillac hood
Automated process for prepreg hood inner/outer cuts weight by 20% and yields Class A exterior out of the autoclave.

The composites super cycle — are we still living the dream?
Predicted before the 2008 recessionary crash, the super cycle’s foundations were to be built on an increasing use of composites in aircraft. How did it play out?

Fiber reinforcement forms (2017)
Fibers used to reinforce composites are supplied directly by fiber manufacturers and indirectly by converters in a number of different forms, which vary depending on the application. Here's a guide to what's available.

Supply and demand: Advanced fibers (2017)
Demand for advanced fiber, virgin and reclaimed, is on an upswing after a dip during the recent recession. Fiber suppliers are gearing up to meet an expected increase in demand as manufacturers in a number of composites end-markets scale up or start up part development and production programs

“Give us affordable carbon fiber!”
Guest columnist Dan Pichler, managing director of CarbConsult GmbH, suggests that the we need a sustained, cooperative effort in the carbon fiber supply chain. Partnering is the key.

Alternative precursor R&D: Lignin in the lightweighting limelight
This abundant, renewable resource shows promise as an alternative to PAN for low-cost, functional carbon fibers.

Carbon fiber as a replacement for glass fiber in D-LFT auto parts
Research progresses toward attainment of 80-90% of continuous carbon fiber tensile modulus in lighter parts molded from direct long fiber thermoplastic compounds.

Zoltek carbon fiber featured in around-the-world yacht racer
Zoltek commissioned construction the Spirit of Hungary in 2012; it competed in the Barcelona World Race and circumnavigated the globe in just over 110 days.

Zoltek to increase carbon fiber capacity in Mexico
Zoltek will double production capacity at its Mexico facility to 5,000 tons per year.

Zoltek to expand Hungarian carbon fiber facility
Carbon fiber manufacturer Zoltek has signed an agreement to expand its facility in Nyergesújfalu, Hungary, already the largest carbon fiber production plant in the world.

Mark Kawamura steps up to president/CEO of Zoltek Companies Inc.
Previously president/COO, Kawamura will now oversee all operations. He succeeds company founder Zsolt Rumy, who will retain his position on the Zoltek board.

Carbon Fiber 2014 Conference Report
Automation, alternative PAN precursor and carbon composites on commercial aircraft top the bill at December’s event on the US West Coast.

Product Categories of Zoltek Corporation

Automated fiber placement machines
Carbon, 8-harness
Carbon, Chopped strand
Carbon, Milled fibers
Carbon, Multiaxial
Carbon, Other
Carbon, Other
Carbon, PAN-based
Carbon, Plain-weave
Carbon, Roving, gun
Carbon, Stitched (knitted, nonwoven)
Carbon, Twill
Carbon, Woven roving
Carbon, Yarns
Conductive fillers
Epoxy, 12-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, 12-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, 60-inch tape
Epoxy, 250 F cure, Fabric
Epoxy, 250 F cure, Roving
Epoxy, 60-inch tape
Epoxy, Fabric
Epoxy, Roving
Epoxy, toughened, 12-inch tape
Epoxy, toughened, 60-inch tape
Epoxy, toughened, Fabric
Epoxy, toughened, Mat
Epoxy, toughened, Roving
Filament winding machines and software controls
Impregnation lines
Other organic fibers
Other, Chopped strand
Other, Mat, chopped strand
Pultrusion equipment, thermoplastics
Pultrusion equipment, thermosets