National Aerospace Supply Co.

Distributor of vacuum bagging films, release films, breathers/bleeders, sealant tapes, pressure-sensitive tapes, hoses and valves.

33155 Camino Capistrano, Unit C
San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675 US


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SAMPE 2011 Long Beach Product Showcase
Huge show, huge new product offerings … huge success.

Product Categories of National Aerospace Supply Co.

Aramid, 5-harness
Aramid, Plain-weave
Aramid, Surfacing veil
Aramid/glass hybrid, 5-harness
Aramid/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
Aramid/glass hybrid, Surfacing veil
Bleeder cloths
Breather cloths
Carbon, 5-harness
Carbon, Plain-weave
Carbon, Surfacing veil
Carbon/aramid hybrid, 5-harness
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Plain-weave
Carbon/aramid hybrid, Surfacing veil
Carbon/glass hybrid, 5-harness
Carbon/glass hybrid, Plain-weave
Carbon/glass hybrid, Surfacing veil
Ceramic, 5-harness
Ceramic, Plain-weave
Ceramic, Surfacing veil
C-glass, 5-harness
C-glass, Plain-weave
C-glass, Surfacing veil
E-Glass, 5-harness
E-Glass, Plain-weave
E-Glass, Surfacing veil
Film and sheet
Hand layup tools (cutters, rollers, scissors, etc.)
Heat tapes
Hoses, pressure
Hoses, vacuum
Hot bonders
Metallized, 5-harness
Metallized, Plain-weave
Mold release films, for prepreg
Mold release films, for vacuum bagging
Other, 5-harness
Other, Plain-weave
Other, Surfacing veil
Peel plies
Peel plies, nylon
Peel plies, polyester
Quick disconnects for vacuum hoses
Sealing tapes and materials
Shrink tapes
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), 5-harness
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Plain-weave
Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Surfacing veil
Vacuum bagging materials, for >600 F
Vacuum bagging materials, nylon
Vacuum bagging materials, other
Vacuum bagging materials, polymide
Vacuum valves and pumps