Harris – Aerostructures
(formerly EDO/Fiber Science/Fiber Innovation)

Large aerospace composite airframe sections, including prepreg (autoclave and out of autoclave), triaxial braiding, stitching; net-shaped preforms; RTM (resin transfer molding) and VARTM (vacuum-assisted RTM). Filament wound structures and pressure vessels. AS9100-/ISO9000-/Nadcap-approved.

Phone: (801)-505-7000
Fax: (801)-363-9554

Sales Contact:
Darin Freiss, (801) 536-6212,

Please visit: Harris – Aerostructures

Mailing Address
5995 Amelia Earhart Dr.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116 US

Additional Locations:
506 Billy Mitchel Rd.
Salt Lake City, UT 84116 US
(801) 536-1800

  • Fabrics, unimpregnated
    • C-glass
      • C-glass, Braided
      • C-glass, Multiaxial
    • Carbon
      • Carbon, Braided
      • Carbon, Multiaxial
      • Carbon, Plain-weave
      • Carbon, Twill
      • Carbon, Other
    • Carbon/aramid hybrid
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Braided
      • Carbon/aramid hybrid, Multiaxial
    • Carbon/glass hybrid
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Braided
      • Carbon/glass hybrid, Multiaxial
    • E-Glass
      • E-Glass, Braided
      • E-Glass, Multiaxial
    • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type)
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Braided
      • Structural high-strength glass (S- and R-type), Multiaxial
    • Other unimpregnated fabrics
      • Other, Braided
      • Other, Multiaxial
  • Coatings and sizings
    • EMI-attenuation
    • Flame retardant
    • Paint
    • Protective
    • Other coating materials
Fabricating services
  • Thermoplastic materials
    • Adhesive bonding
    • Fiber placement
    • Filament winding
    • Hand layup
    • Honeycomb structures
    • Textile processing for composites (braiding, stitching,
  • Thermoset materials
    • Adhesive bonding
    • Autoclave cure
    • Automatic tape laying
    • Coating and painting
    • Continuous laminating
    • Cutting, finishing, and machining
    • Encapsulation
    • Fiber placement
    • Filament winding
    • Hand layup
    • Honeycomb structures
    • Injection molding
    • Metal bonding
    • Moldmaking and patternmaking
    • Pressure forming
    • Prototyping
    • Resin transfer molding (RTM)
    • Sprayup
    • Textile processing for composites (braiding, stitching,
    • Vacuum forming
    • Vacuum-assisted resin transfer molding (VARTM)
    • Welding and sealing
    • Other thermoset fabricating services
Composite Structures & Components
  • Aerospace, flight control surfaces
  • Aerospace, fuselage/wing
  • Laminate panels, with core
  • Laminate sheets, solid
  • Pressure vessels
  • Profiles
  • Rods
  • Tubes
  • Other composite structures

As seen in Print
Albany International finalizes acquisition of Harris aerostructures business
The Harris division supplies advanced composite products primarily for airframe applications.

Albany International to acquire Harris aerostructures business
Aerospace composites fabricator Albany International will acquire the Salt Lake City, UT, US, operations of Harris for $200 million.

Harris Corp., Rochester, NY, US
High-technology telescope and space structures expertise has its roots in legacy Kodak programs.

Aeroengine Composites, Part 2: CFRPs expand
Proven in fan blade/case applications, carbon fiber-reinforced polymers migrate to previously unanticipated destinations nearer the engine “hot zone.”

Harris completes acquisition of Exelis
Florida-based Harris Corp. has acquired Exelis, whose Aerostructures and Geospatial Systems businesses include significant composites fabrication operations.

Exelis wins center wingbox strut contract for Airbus A350-1000
Aerospace composites fabricator Exelis (Salt Lake City, UT, US) has won a multimillion-dollar contract from Airbus (Toulouse, France) to produce composite center wingbox struts

Exelis wins Airbus A350 XWB composite strut contract
Fabricator Exelis has won a multimillion dollar contract to produce center wing box struts for the Airbus A350-1000 twin-aisle aircraft.

Exelis Aerostructures: Salt Lake City
Braided composite shafts and struts for aircraft are its specialty, but there’s much more to this Utah, US-based rising star.

A critical market sector: Downhole composites in oil and gas
Tremendous secrecy and non-disclosure has kept this profitable composites application out of the spotlight, while it has enabled the current shale oil energy boom.

Exelis adds 5-axis CNC machining capability
Exelis has added a 15-by-20-by-5-ft DMS 5-axis CNC machining center to its composites manufacturing operations in Rochester, N.Y., USA.

Farnborough 2014 Airshow Report
No longer a novelty at aerospace trade events, composites nevertheless faced competition from conventional materials at this year’s event.

Exelis receives multimillion dollar contract for A380 composite floorbeam struts
Extending to 2023, this contract marks the first award for Exelis' recently announced STaR (Struts, Tubes and Rods) product line.

Exelis expands, receives Boeing processor qualification designation
U.S.-based Exelis has licensed composite struts, tubes and rods manufacturing technology from Bodair S.A., and has been designated an approved advanced composite structures supplier to Boeing.

Exelis wins contract from Sikorsky
The company will build components for the CH53K heavy lift helicopter program.

Exelis wins Boeing 787 contract
A long-time supplier of composite storage tanks on earlier Boeing aircraft, Exelis will continue to supply to the 787.

Exelis garners Boeing contract
Under the multi-year contract, Exelis will produce composite vacuum waste tanks for Boeing commercial aircraft models.

Paris Air Show 2013: A century of aircraft progress
Torrential rains couldn’t dampen the spirit of innovation or stop the flood of business aerospace announcements.

Autoclave Quality Outside The Autoclave?
Pioneers of out-of-autoclave processing in aerospace applications answer a qualified but enthusiastic Yes!

SAMPE Wrap Up And Product Showcase
Exhibitions on both sides of the Atlantic spur optimism and spotlight innovative technology.

Composite Piping On Hoover-Diana
    EDO supplied a drain system for Hoover-Diana, a deep draft caisson vessel (DDCV) put into service in May 2000 by Exxon Mobil and British Petroleum. Hoover- Diana, located in the Gulf of Mexico’s East Breaks and Alaminos Canyon Blocks at a water depth of approximately 4,800 ft, is designated as a DDCV instead o