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PUBLISHED: 3/24/2017

TA Instruments introduces new dilatometer

TA Instruments (New Castle, DE, US) has added three new dilatometer product lines to its 800 platform: the DIL 820, the DIL 830 and the ODP 860.

PUBLISHED: 3/24/2017

Graco offers dispense analyzer monitoring system

Graco Advanced Fluid Dispense (AFD, North Canton, OH, US) has introduced the Graco Dispense Analyzer monitoring system for detecting errors in material dispense for a wide variety of applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/23/2017

New ultrasound NDT platform

DolphiTech AS (Raufoss, Norway) is introducing a new range of ultrasound instruments with extended capabilities for non-destructive testing (NDT) and inspection of materials.

PUBLISHED: 8/23/2016

Air monitoring system

Kemper GmbH (Vreden, Germany) has developed a new air monitoring system called AirWatch, which is able to determine and document the number and weight of nanoparticles and then analyze them with smartphone, tablet or PC and compare them to limit val...

PUBLISHED: 8/23/2016

Handheld surface analysis

BTG Labs (Cincinnati, OH, US) has introduced the Surface Analyst, a handheld solution for use in the field, in the lab and on the factory floor.

PUBLISHED: 4/21/2016

Lab scale testing system

Instron (Norwood, MA, US) has launched new generation of HDT and Vicat testing systems designed to significantly reduce workload and increase efficiency in the testing lab.

PUBLISHED: 2/17/2016

Oerlikon Leybold lab-scale vacuum system

Oerlikon Leybold (Cologne, Germany) has introduced TURBOLAB, plug-and-play high-vacuum pump systems for lab-scale and research and development applications.

PUBLISHED: 2/17/2016

Assembly Guidance real-time AFP inspection system

Assembly Guidance Systems (Chelmsford, MA, US) has introduced LASERVISION, a system that provides fully automated inspection in high-performance composites manufacturing.

PUBLISHED: 1/20/2016

Camera-based 3D measurement system

Imetrum (Bristol, UK) has launched a new precision, noncontact 3D measurement system.

PUBLISHED: 1/11/2016

Software development kit for NDT

DophiTech says the SDK will enable developers and integrators to create customized non-destructive testing (NDT) applications for the DolphiCam.

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