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April 2013
Water-based semipermanent mold releases

Chem-Trend highlights its current research and development efforts aimed at mold releases for composites.

Posted on: 4/9/2013
Source: Composites Technology

Chem-Trend (Howell, Mich.) described at COMPOSITES 2013 its current research and development efforts aimed at mold releases for composites processing and highlighted the company’s ongoing transition from solvent-based to water-based semipermanent compounds. Chem-Trend representatives appealed to the company’s long history and accumulated expertise to assure attendees that its semipermanent products can be customized to meet a particular need. Further, they emphasized that their chemistries result in very low transfer of release agent to the molded part, maintain appropriate slip levels between the mold and the part in highly complex geometries and provide a consistent molded-part surface finish while minimizing the number of applications.  

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