Portable vacuum systems

Applied Composites LLC has developed a portable, powerful vacuum systems for resin infusion or vacuum bag/prepreg manufacturing of glass and carbon fiber composites.

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Applied Composites LLC (San Diego, Calif.) has developed three portable vacuum systems for resin infusion or vacuum bag/prepreg manufacturing of composites with carbon, glass or other fiber reinforcement. Model ACVS010 (see photo) is a space-saving, vertically oriented 10-cfm system that features a a 1-hp pump and a vacuum manifold with four outlets. Model ACVS025, a 2.5-hp, 25-cfm system, features a 60-gal reservoir and 10 manifold outlets. Model ACVS050, at 3-hp and 50-cfm capacity, has a 120-gal reservoir and 16 outlets. Each system features a rugged, continuous-duty, integrally cooled, oil-sealed rotary vane and a 29+ HgV vacuum pump that is NEMA- and UL-certified. All pumps include inlet and exhaust filters to prevent transport of contaminants. Control panels include light-emitting diode (LED) pump run/stop pushbuttons, a digital vacuum-power gauge, a precision manual vacuum power regulator and manual valves to confirm the pump power level and the operating power level in the manifold/reservoir and multi-port vacuum outlets. The systems are suitable for use in laboratories and cleanrooms, on the factory floor and at offsite locations.

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