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July 2014
Ultrasound NDT update

DolphiTech AS reports that it has released its DolphiCam 1.2 software and firmware update.

Posted on: 3/31/2014
High-Performance Composites

DolphiTech AS (Raufoss, Norway) reports that it has released its DolphiCam 1.2 software and firmware update. Designed for the DolphiCam ultrasound camera system, the software provides non-destructive testing (NDT) experts with an advanced tool for creating high-resolution 2-D and 3-D images of defects in carbon fiber composite components and structures. Stitching, increased transducer energy, a new color palette and analog gain control are among the new features in the release. DolphiTech says the manual stitching feature makes it easy to cover large areas with the DolphiCam. In addition, more transmitting elements give even better penetration into porous materials, with analog gain control. In the automotive industry, customers have asked for a color palette similar to a traffic light scheme. The new color palette makes it possible to create custom color transitions, with white indicating no transducer contact, red indicating disbonding or delaminations and blue indicating backwall reflection.

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