Ultrasound camera system

DolphiTech has added a new model to its range of ultrasound cameras.

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DolphiTech (Raufoss, Norway) has added a new model to its range of ultrasound cameras. The CF16 camera is able to inspect carbon fiber composites up to 16 mm thick, with high-resolution 2D and 3D images. DolphiTech notes that inspecting thicker materials with ultrasound is a balance between depth and image resolution, however, the CF16 is said to provide uncommonly high-quality images. The camera is available in two versions: Expert and Operator. The Expert model is a full feature set designed specifically for non-destructive testing (NDT) experts. It is supported by the same software used in earlier versions. The Operator version has been created for DolphiTech TeamCenter, a software solution integrating DolphiCam technology with inspection procedures, team-based NDT and remote expert support.

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