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January 2009
Tooling design DVD

Posted on: 11/5/2008
High-Performance Composites
The Society of Manufacturing Engineers (SME, Dearborn, Mich.) has released a new DVD companion to its text, Composite Tooling Design. Intended to educate viewers about composite tooling fundamentals, the DVD material is written by industry expert Louis Dorworth of Abaris Training Resources Inc. Recorded at a variety of composites manufacturing facilities, including Tiara Yachts, Roush Advanced Composites, Remmele Engineering, and Gold Shield of Indiana, the DVD is divided into three segments: “Composite Tooling Design” explores the use of CAD for composites and introduces the viewer to various types of support tools, such as ply and core kit-cutting and ply/core locator templates, waterjet cutting, CNC routing systems and drill jigs and fixtures. The “Tooling Materials” segment provides viewers with an overview of the various materials used to produce composite tooling, examining, comparing and contrasting carbon fiber-reinforced epoxy, Invar, glass-reinforced polyester and steel. Issues such as production quantities and the service temperature requirements of the tools are addressed. The “Tooling Design” section outlines relevant topics such as draft angle requirements and spring-in issues, and details strategies for layup/sprayup tooling, VIP/VARTM tooling, RTM tooling, automated fiber placement/tape layup tooling and pultrusion tooling.

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