Aerospace-grade surfacing film

Park Electrochemical Corp. has introduced its new Aeroglide surfacing film product line for aircraft composite parts fabrication.

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Park Electrochemical Corp.’s (Melville, N.Y.) Aeroglide epoxy-based surfacing film, designed to improve the surface finish of molded composites by minimizing surface porosity and resisting read-through from underlaying layers of honeycomb and/or lightning strike materials, reportedly reduces or eliminates secondary surface finishing operations prior to painting. The product comes standard with 63 to 67 percent resin content and woven E-glass fiber reinforcement at a fiber areal weight of 0.30 lb/ft² (150 g/m²). Compatible with most 250°F/121°C- or 350°F/177°C-cure epoxy prepregs (autoclave- or oven-cure), the film is supplied in 50-inch/127-cm wide rolls and has an outlife of 45 days at 75°F/23.9°C (max. 50 percent humidity).

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