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New Product
Snap cure resins, ceramics, epoxy prepreg

Cytec Industrial Materials introduced several new products at the 2013 Composites Europe trade show in Stuttgart, Germany.

Posted on: 9/25/2013
Source: CompositesWorld

Cytec Industrial Materials (Woodland Park, N.J.) introduced several new products at the 2013 Composites Europe trade show in Stuttgart, Germany in September. Products include:

  • Snap cure resin systems and process technology for the serial automotive industry
  • High-temperature ceramic materials developed specifically for use in motorsports. These are designed for applications such as lightweight heat shields and ducts operating at temperatures of up to 800°C/1,472°F for short periods
  • MTM348FR is an epoxy resin prepreg matrix designed for railway applications. MTM348FR offers fire protection on railway vehicles to meet Category HL2 of CEN T45545-2.2013 and HL3 under specific circumstances, is said to have good mechanical properties and is designed for the manufacture of lightweight composite components for interior and exterior structural and non-structural applications.
  • Vac-Pak E7760W, a release film designed for aerospace applications and a suitable alternative to other, higher elongation and PVF films. It is a high-modulus film suitable for use with all commonly used resin systems up to 204°C/399°F and reportedly works well with automated fiber and tape placement processes. Cytec says it works well on mildly contoured or flat parts as it offers minimal.

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