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January 2009
SL software for hollow-build parts

DSM Somos' TetraShell software helps manufacture hollow stereolithography parts with variable skin thicknesses.

Posted on: 12/9/2008
High-Performance Composites

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DSM Somos’ (Elgin, Ill.) TetraShell hollow-build software is designed to enable stereolithography (SL) users to create lightweight prototypes that have enhanced structural integrity, “opening doors of opportunity that were previously closed to SL because of cost or weight considerations,” says the company. Based on patented technology from the Milwaukee (Wis.) School of Engineering (MSOE), the software permits the user to widely vary the exterior wall thickness and use MSOE’s user-adjustable TetraLattice internal support technology to stiffen and strengthen the hollow prototype structures. The result is significant savings on material and reduced weight, compared to solid prototypes.

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