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December 2009
Robotic machine tool for large parts

IDPSA has introduced RAPA G3, a new robotic finishing system designed to reduce machining and finishing work for wind blades, aerospace components, boat hulls and other oversized parts.

Posted on: 11/9/2009
Source: Composites Technology

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IDPSA (Madrid, Spain) has introduced RAPA G3, a new robotic machine-tool platform designed to reduce machining and finishing work for wind turbine blades, boat hulls and other large parts. Designed with a double workstation, the system supports a wide variety of applications and processes, such as scanning, measuring and inspection systems, cutting tools, spray heads, water-jet cutters, chopper guns and finishing tools. The system incorporates a double modular rack-and-pinion drive system from Parker Hannifin, which moves a workholding platform along the system’s extended X-axis within its 50 by 15 by 6m (164 by 49 by 20 ft) work envelope. Mounted overhead is an anthropomorphic KUKA robot with drum-type automatic tool changer that accommodates 12 to 16 tools. Maximum feedrate along the linear x-axis is 70,000 mm/min (2,756 inches/min). A high-capacity vacuum system with spindle shroud is available to capture dust and chips.

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