Reusable vacuum bag seal

Prairie Technology Group Inc. has introduced the Integral Reusable Vacuum Bag Seal (IRVBS).

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Prairie Technology Group Inc. (Hutto, Texas, USA) has introduced the Integral Reusable Vacuum Bag Seal (IRVBS) process, which uses a preformed wax extrusion that allows seals to be molded into the underside of the reusable bag as the bag is fabricated. The resulting bag, with its integral seal, is said to eliminate vacuum leaks.  The IRVBS process also reduces tooling costs by minimizing the width of tooling flanges needed for using multiple-use vacuum bags. The bag seal is compatible for use with Prairie's SWORL reusable silicone vacuum bags, which can be spray-made for fabricating up to 100 large composite parts via infusion, prepreg and wet lay-up processes. The bags can be made with one- or two-component silicone materials that are moisture-curing and formulated without solvents or VOCs to support MACT compliance.

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