Radio frequency pultrusion preheater

Thermex-Thermatron LP has updated its pultrusion RF (radio frequency) TP12.5A preheater.

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Thermex-Thermatron LP (Louisville, Ky., USA) has updated its pultrusion RF (radio frequency) TP12.5A preheater. This 12.5-kW, three-phase, 480V preheater is designed to dielectrically preheat non-conductive fiber/resin combinations before entering the diehead of any typical pultrusion process. These units uniformly heat the fiber/resin load by balancing electrode spacing, electrode voltage and operating frequency. The manufacturer says that in most cases, production line speeds can be doubled with use of the preheater. Thermex-Thermatron LP also supplies RF preheaters for the compression/thermoforming markets and RF high-tonnage presses for making thick-wall laminates such as ballistic armor panels.

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