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New Product
PET structural foam

XTX Composites Inc. (Dallas, TX, US) has completed production and testing of new structural PET foam with densities of 100 kg/m3 and 110 kg/m3.

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Posted on: 7/23/2015
Source: CompositesWorld

XTX Composites Inc. (Dallas, TX, US) has completed production and testing of new structural PET foam with densities of 100 kg/m3 and 110 kg/m3. XTX PETCORE is a structural foam designed as a core material for lightweight sandwich structures, engineered to carry static and dynamic loads.  It’s performance characteristics are said to be superior, regardless of exposure to elevated temperatures during manufacturing. XTX PETCORE features 100% Recyclability, good impact resistance, easy processing with most types of lamination methods and resins, high process temperature of up to 150°C, good fatigue strength, low resin absorption, good thermal insulation properties, good laminate-to-core bond adhesion, good material property consistency and thermal forming capabilities. XTX Composites has a variety of densities available, as well as FST PET foam upon request.

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