Out-of-autoclave epoxies

TenCate Advanced Composites USA Inc. announced two new out-of-autoclave epoxies at SAMPE 2012.

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TenCate Advanced Composites USA Inc. (Morgan Hill, Calif. and Fairfield, Calif.) announced two new out-of-autoclave epoxies at SAMPE 2012. TC 350-1 epoxy is a 275°F-/135°C-cure, 350°F-/177°C-postcure resin matrix designed for military and commercial aerospace applications, particularly in unmanned aerial vehicles. It features a 21-day tack life and 45-day out time. The other epoxy material, TC 275, is designed for general aviation use, has a 275°F/135°C cure and features a seven-day tack life and 14-day out time. According to the company, the system is undergoing screening evaluations for the new Cirrus jet program at Cirrus Aircraft (Duluth, Minn.). TenCate says both materials have a void content of 0.5 percent after vacuum bag cure.  

Editor Pick

OOA composites in next-generation launch systems

As United Launch Alliance ULA replaces Atlas and Delta with next-generation launch rockets under the Vulcan name, supplier Ruag Space has been selected to provide lower cost/improved quality out-of-autoclave fabrication of Vulcan’s composite primary structures. Ruag will manufacture 5.4m payload fairings and 400-series interstage adapters for ULA’s Atlas V rocket.