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October 2009
Nip roller stations for wet layup processes

PFE Rolls' AccuNip nip stations feature welded aluminum frames.

Posted on: 10/10/2008
Source: Composites Technology

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PFE Rolls Inc. (Orange, Mass.) has introduced custom-engineered AccuNip nip stations, available with welded aluminum frames that help reduce unit costs and lead times and improve maintenance options. Light- and medium-duty models are designed for laminating, thermal bonding, web heating/cooling and web pulling and squeezing. New aluminum-framed models offer nip loads up to 2,000 lb/907 kg, while cast iron or steel frame AccuNip units produce up to 25,000 lb/11,340 kg of nip load. The nip stations can be configured vertically or horizontally and customized with doctor blades, dual-roll gear drives, heating or cooling rolls and adjustable nip pressures and gaps. Applications include saturating carbon fiber matting with resin for wet-layup applications, profiling plastic lumber extrusions and wringing liquids out of textiles.

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