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New Product
New fiber sizings for thermoplastics

New sizings support engineered thermoplastic resins in automotive applications.

Posted on: 3/25/2015
Source: CompositesWorld

Michelman Inc. (Cincinnati, OH, US) introduced a number of new fiber sizings to support engineered thermoplastic resins being employed in automotive design and manufacturing applications, as lightweight composites replace metals. The new products include trademarked Hydrosize U2-04, a water-based polyurethane dispersion compatible with polyamide resins; Hydrosize PA846, a water-based polyamide dispersion that is highly stable with good thermal resistance, and Hydrosize U9-01, a water-based, blocked isocyanate that enhances the reactivity of the fiber/resin interface. These products help support requirements for higher thermal performance, hydrolysis resistance and mechanical performance.

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