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April 2013
Near silica-free calcium carbonate filler

Huber Engineered Materials introduces Hubercarb W4 calcium carbonate, milled from micritic limestone ore.

Posted on: 4/9/2013
Source: Composites Technology

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                        Hubercarb 1

Conventional marble mills to a rhombohedral shape representative of calcite. The micrographs for Competitor A and Competitor B illustrate the sharp edges inherent in such crystal forms. In comparison, Hubercarb W4 calcium carbonate is a micritic limestone that mills to a more spherical form with far less sharp edges that can break glass fibers and introduce stress concentration points in the final product.

Huber Engineered Materials (Atlanta, Ga.) introduced at COMPOSITES 2013 trademarked Hubercarb W4 calcium carbonate, milled from micritic limestone ore. Huber says this soft and virtually silica-free ore mills to a more spherical shape than conventional marble sources, which grind to more rhombohedral forms. This is said to provide maximum particle packing and minimize glass breakage during processing and molding operations. Huber also notes that the filler is composed principally of phosphorus, with lesser amounts of aluminum, iron and lead compared to competing products. The material also features low soluble salt content, which provides a consistently low moisture content and reuptake, leading to a stable platform for liquid polyesters.  

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