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New Product
Methacrylate adhesive system

Huntsman Advanced Materials (The Woodlands, TX, US) has introduced ARALDITE 2021-1 and ARALDITE 2022-1, two-component, toughened, methacrylate adhesive systems that replace ARALDITE 2021 and ARALDITE 2022 respectively.

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Posted on: 5/17/2016
Source: CompositesWorld

Huntsman Advanced Materials (The Woodlands, TX, US) has introduced ARALDITE 2021-1 and ARALDITE 2022-1, two-component, toughened, methacrylate adhesive systems that replace ARALDITE 2021 and ARALDITE 2022 respectively. These materials offer improved elongation at break, notable toughness and resilience to vibrations, improved dynamic loading and improved mechanical impact strength. Both products offer non-sagging and gap-filling properities and enable easy processing and make vertical applications possible. Good lap shear strength across a variety of substrates and a range of temperatures has also been reported. They are temperature resistant up to 100°C. Finally, the cartridge has been redesigned to include a new applicatuon nozzle stops cross-contamination between the resin and activator, thus preventing the cartridge being blocked by cured adhesive residues after the first use.

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