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New Product
At JEC Europe 2015: Magestic Systems

Industry leaders will discuss case histories and solutions to provide the data required to cost-effectively manage design and production environments.  

Posted on: 3/2/2015
Source: CompositesWorld

Magestic Systems (Westwood, NJ, US) specializes in enterprise software development and optimization of materials and processes across all CNC-cutting (TruNEST) and laser-projection applications (TruLASER View). For JEC Europe 2015 (March 10-12, Paris, France), Magestic Systems has assembled an international panel of composite manufacturing experts to discuss the challenges facing the industry today and present their experiences across multiple industries: Aerospace, Automotive, Construction, and R&D.  These presentations will take place on Wednesday, March 11, 2015, 10:00 am-12:30 pm.

Program Agenda:

  • "Composite Design & Manufacturing: A Case Study for Mass Production of Composite Parts" - Massimiliano Moruzzi (Magestic Systems), Doug Kenik (Autodesk) and Massimo Bercella (Bercella)
  • "A Novel Composite SIP (Structural Insulated Panel) for the Next Generation of Building Design" - Justin Jin (AXIA Materials)
  • "Advanced Composite Manufacturing Research and Development Methodologies in the Aerospace Hub of the United States" - Dr. Zapher Gurdal and Dr. Michel van Tooren (University of South Carolina - The Ron McNair Aerospace Center) 

For more information about the seminar or to set up a private meeting with Magestic Systems, e-mail Dylan MacLean at dmaclean@magestic.com or visit Majestic at JEC at 7.2, P80.

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