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March 2012
High-performance elastomer composites

Cabot Corp. has launched the Transfinity line of elastomer composites, a new class of materials that reportedly improves elastomer durability and delivers transformational performance improvements in wear resistance and vibration isolation applications.

Posted on: 1/18/2012
High-Performance Composites


Cabot Corp. (Boston, Mass.) has launched the Transfinity line of elastomer composites, described by the company as a “new class of materials” that improves elastomer durability and delivers “transformational” performance improvements in wear-resistance and vibration-isolation applications. Products in the line are composites made from elastomer latex and reinforcing particles, such as carbon black. The products are produced in a patented process, which creates composites that are stronger than conventional elastomer materials. Applications include rubber pads or tracks on military vehicles, automotive suspension components that reduce vehicle weight and improve fuel economy and protective lines for mineral processing equipment.


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