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March 2010
"Green" reinforcing tape

The Green Series is a new reinforcing tape from Polystrand Inc. that is said to reduce the environmental footprint of input material for reinforced thermoplastic processors.

Posted on: 2/5/2010
High-Performance Composites

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The Green Series, a reinforcing tape from Polystrand Inc. (Montrose, Colo.), is intended to give thermoplastic composites manufacturers a means to reduce the environmental footprint of their products by reducing the same in its constituent materials. Available in unidirectional, bi-ply and tri-ply configurations, the new series uses recycled polyolefin resin as the matrix. The tape is made in the company’s proprietary process for impregnating continuous fiber with a thermoplastic resin. Similar tape reinforcements are already available, featuring a variety of virgin polymers, including polypropylene. Although the “green” tapes’ resin content is recyclate, the company says the physical properties of the tapes approach those of prime material at competitive prices.

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