German Advanced Composites offers new MTI in-mold coating for infusion

Two-part polyurethane offers UV protection for production of high-quality carbon fiber parts.

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MTI is the abbreviation for Membrane Tube Infusion and describes a suction hose sheathed with membrane, developed as a production aid for vacuum infusion by DD Compound (Ibbenbüren, Germany) and distributed by German Advanced Composites (Miami, Fla.) in the U.S. This team now introduces an in-mold coating for infusion. Applied as the first layer within a mold, the new GAC-IMC two-part, clear polyurethane is reported to improve finish quality as well as reduce weight and finishing labor (e.g., sanding, priming, polishing).

German Advanced Composites explains that GAC-IMC is easy to spray or paint into the mold prior to the fiber layup and achieves excellent adhesion to the final infused epoxy composite through chemical bonding. This in-mold coating provides weathering resistance without yellowing, even after long exposure to sunlight, but can also impart color, decoration and/or product branding.

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