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September 2014
Epoxy composite tooling material

Sika Deutschland GmbH has introduced Biresin CR132 ST and Biresin CR136, epoxy resin systems for composite molds.

Posted on: 6/26/2014
High-Performance Composites

Sika Deutschland GmbH (Bad Urach, Germany) has introduced Biresin CR132 ST and Biresin CR136, epoxy resin systems for composite molds. Biresin CR132 ST is a pasty epoxy resin system that is used to couple a gelcoat to the first laminate layer, with what is said to be minimal print-through of the first fabric layer. Biresin CR136 is a filled epoxy system that helps conduct heat flow across the mold area of heated by steam, oil or other fluids. This distributes the heat and ensures that all areas of the tool are equally heated. All the resins offered by Sika in the Biresin range are fully compatible, offering what is said to be a high-performance, easy-to-use tooling system with Tg of 130°C/266°F, allowing usage up to 120°C/248°F. 

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