Design analysis software upgraded

Firehole Technologies Inc. has announced the availability of Helius:CompositePro Version 4.0.

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Firehole Technologies Inc. (Laramie, Wyo.) has announced the availability of Helius:CompositePro Version 4.0. Previously available as CompositePro, from Arvada, Colo.-based Peak Composites, the desktop software tool was developed by composites engineer DeWayne Howell. Firehole acquired the package in 2009 and, in consultation with several of Howell’s long-time customers, has improved its user interface and enhanced its analysis capabilities. The new version features utilities designed to bridge the gap between engineering hand calculations and those of full structural finite element analysis (FEA), saving the user significant development time. The software provides access to fundamental composite analysis methods, such as micromechanics and classical laminate analysis, as well as design tools for analysis of composite plates, sandwich panels, beams and tubes. Other additions include expanded platform support, the capability to plot failure envelopes, the ability to export data to Excel, plus advanced plotting and printing features and the addition of several failure criteria, including those developed by Hashin and Puck. A free demonstration version is available on Firehole’s Web site.

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