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New Product
Cutting system with roll feeder

AZCO's SUR-SIZE combines a knife assembly with a roll feeder to cut a variety of flexible materials.

Posted on: 5/3/2012
Source: CompositesWorld

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AZCO Corp. (Fairfield, N.J.) has developed SUR-SIZE, a cut-to-length assembly that combines a knife assembly with a roll feeder. These units are capable of handling a wide variety of flexible materials and are said to be reliable and simple to use. The length and quantity needed for the application are entered on the color touchscreen. The unit automatically feeds, cuts and counts the pieces to meet the requirements. An end-of-cycle signal is provided once the cuts are completed. For an automated one-shot process, the unit will feed and cut the material on demand. The guillotine knife assembly provides clean cuts. Each unit is built with a USB port, which is directly connected to an Internet interface using a USB cable, allowing tech support to anywhere in the world.


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