Cutter control system

Thermwood Corp. has announced the QCore SuperControl system for CNC routers.

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Thermwood Corp. (Dale, Ind.) has announced the QCore SuperControl system for CNC routers. The controller operates on Windows 7 Pro and features a 19-inch LCD monitor, 2 GB RAM (system memory), a 1 TB hard drive and a quad-core processor, plus four USB connections, an air conditioned cabinet, a spindle amperage load meter, Quickcut software and much more. Operators reportedly can run a program on the CNC machine while simultaneously running other applications, such as Thermwood Control Nesting, on the controller. Also new is an optional Hand Held Programmer that puts the QCore control capability into a compact remote device. It sports improved ergonomics, a color LCD touch-screen display and a durable 24-key steel dome membrane keypad. It enables the operator to perform a wide variety of tasks that were previously available only through the machine control.  

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