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January 2009
Coordinate measuring system

Capture 3D's MC series of ATOS automated 6-axis motion control systems compares CAD data to finished product dimensions.

Posted on: 12/5/2008
High-Performance Composites

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Capture 3D Inc. (Costa Mesa, Calif.) has released the MC series of ATOS automated 6-axis Motion Control Scan Inspection Systems (pat. pend.), which enables users to compare CAD data to finished product dimensions. The ATOS inspection functionality compares part scan data to CAD data, producing a full-color-plot 3-D model. Scan data is gathered by optical means and is based on the principle of triangulation. Projected fringe patterns are observed with two cameras. The 3-D coordinates for each camera pixel are calculated with high precision, and then a polygon mesh of the object’s surface is generated. The software also provides macro recording to configure automated scanning and inspection routines for various parts. The device comes in two models: the MC-SO for small objects up to 30 lb/13.6 kg and the MC-XL for midsize parts up to 300 lb/136 kg.

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