Clean wet-filament winding machine

At JEC Europe 2013, Mouldlife Ltd.’s and Pultrex Ltd.’s new clean wet-filament winding technology made its debut.

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At JEC Europe 2013, Mouldlife Ltd.’s (Suffolk, U.K.) and Pultrex Ltd.’s (Essex, U.K.) new clean wet-filament winding technology made its debut. Unlike traditional filament winding systems, the Mouldlife/Pultrex machine passes fibers through a closed resin-dispensing unit (see photo) before winding. The dispensing unit, developed by CTM Ltd. (Barnsley, South Yorkshire, U.K.), automatically draws the resin and hardener, in the required stoichiometric ratio, from individual bulk reservoirs. Because resin is mixed and delivered at the machine, fast-cure resins can be used. The machine also features a modular fiber-bundle spreading station that maximizes the bundle width in preparation for winding. The companies say up to 80 percent less solvent is used, compared to wet baths, with an equivalent reduction of mixed resin waste. The unit is available as a retrofit for filament winding machines that are already on the market, and the technology is applicable to pultrusion.  

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