CAMX 2016 preview: Technology Design Ltd.

Technology Design Ltd. (Winsford, UK) manufactures multi-probe and phased array ultrasonic systems for non-destructive evaluation of composite materials.

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Technology Design Ltd. (Winsford, UK) manufactures multi-probe and phased array ultrasonic systems for non-destructive evaluation of composite materials. In its booth the company is featuring TD Handy‐ScanRX, wich offers a high-voltage phaser capability with eight dedicated ultrasonic conventional channels. Also featured is TD Focus‐Scan for more challenging inspection application. These two inspection systems are commonly used in combination with motorized or semi‐automated scanners, which increase productivity and the probability of defect detection. The TD Pocket‐Scan can be controlled via a laptop PC and provides multi‐channel capabilities in a portable and cost‐effective package. On the other end of its portfolio, TD equips integrated gantry inspection systems with customized ultrasonic card stack solutions.

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