CAMX 2016 preview: Shikoku Chemicals Corp.

Shikoku Chemicals Corp. (Orange, California) is featuring its line of Curezol imidazole curing agents for epoxy resin.

Shikoku Chemicals Corp. (Orange, California) is featuring its line of Curezol imidazole curing agents for epoxy resin. The company has also recently developed the Cureduct P-series of imidazole and amine derivatives, and the Cureduct stabilizer. The Cureduct P-series reportedly enables formulators to achieve good pot life, lower curing temperatures and shorter curing times in matrix resins, when compared to standard imidazoles.  When P-series is used in combination with the Cureduct stabilizer, excellent storage stability in one-part systems reportedly can be realized. Shikoku will also introduce its benzoxazine resins – P-d and F-a types. They can be formulated as base resins, or as additives to epoxies or bismaleimides to improve material properties.   

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