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New Product
CAMX 2016 preview: N12 Technologies

N12 Technologies (Cambridge, MA, US) is featuring NanoStitch, an interlaminar toughening product based on large-format, vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) sheets.

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Posted on: 7/22/2016
Source: CompositesWorld

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CAMX N12 2


N12 Technologies Inc. (Cambridge, MA, US) is featuring NanoStitch, an interlaminar toughening product based on large-format, vertically aligned carbon nanotube (VACNT) sheets. VACNTs positioned in the Z axis, embedded vertically through the interlaminar layer, suppress delamination and enhance thermal and electrical through-thickness conductivity. In CFRP prepreg systems, NanoStitch is said to significantly improve a range of mechanical performance parameters and fatigue life by 100 times. NanoStitch is manufactured by, and applied onto, prepreg by N12. End users then manufacture parts from the nano-enhanced material using conventional processes for lamination, debulk, cure and machining. N12 also introducing a new product, SLS, which takes the same mass produced VACNTs and knocks them down into the horizontal plane. This creates a precisely engineered, nanoscale layer of trillions of CNTs that deliver highly efficient, lightweight (e.g., 1-2 g/m2) resistive heating and electrical sensing capabilities. Applications for transfer of heat, power and/or data in-plane offer the potential for multifunctional capability. 

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