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New Product
CAMX 2016 preview: Matec Instrument Cos. Inc.

Matec Instrument Cos. Inc. (Northborough, MA, US) is featuring its range of services for the design, fabrication, installation, startup, training and operation of ultrasonic testing systems.

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Posted on: 8/1/2016
Source: CompositesWorld

Matec Instrument Cos. Inc. (Northborough, MA, US) is featuring its range of services for the design, fabrication, installation, startup, training and operation of ultrasonic testing systems. Matec’s capabilities include mechanical and electrical design, machining and fabrication, and instrument and software development. Matec’s instruments include a full line of board-level ultrasonic pulser/receivers as well as newer analog to digital boards for the PCI bus that are designed for high sampling rates at very high repetition rates. Matec’s software includes a full suite of Microsoft Windows-based data acquisition and analysis software for ultrasonic testing applications. The data acquisition and control software is multi-channel/multi-gain-based, which allows for multiple gains and gate settings to accommodate inspection of materials requiring a wide dynamic range. Multiple zone inspection can be performed on any or all channels simultaneously. The software performs real-time, simultaneous, multi-channel, on-screen, A-Scan display (RF waveform display per location), B-Scan collection (a color mapped cross-sectional view of the geometry), and C-Scan collection (a color mapped peak amplitude and time-of-flight representation).

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