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CAMX 2016 preview: HELD Technologie GmbH

HELD Technologie GmbH (Trossingen, Germany) is a manufacturer of high-performance, isobaric double-belt presses (DBP) for continuous production processes of roll and sheet material.

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Posted on: 8/1/2016
Source: CompositesWorld

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HELD Technologie GmbH (Trossingen, Germany) is a manufacturer of high-performance, isobaric double-belt presses (DBP) for continuous production processes of roll and sheet material. The first application for these machines in 1975 has been the production of decorative laminate for the furniture industry. Products today include flexible copper-clad laminate for electronics, organo sheets for aerospace, transportation belts for the food industry, and fiber-reinforced composites for the automotive industry. With isobaric double-belt presses, two endless steel belts are wrapped around the upper and lower pair of drums, which are located at the entrance and exit of the DBP. Above and beneath these steel belts two press platens are placed, comprising the so called “reaction zone," where temperature and pressure are applied to the materials simultaneously. An oil-supported pressure cushion generates the isobaric pressure and guarantees stress-free products. Sub-divided temperature zones in the upper and lower steel platen allow temperature profiling. During production, temperatures of up to 400°C and pressure of up to 80 bar can be achieved.

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