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New Product
CAMX 2016 preview: Harper International

Harper International (Buffalo, NY, US), provider of thermal processing solutions for advanced materials, will exhibit its advanced carbon fiber oxidation oven technology.

Posted on: 7/21/2016
Source: CompositesWorld

Harper International (Buffalo,NY, US) will exhibit its advanced carbon fiber oxidation oven technology to complement its furnaces for carbon fiber processingHarper’s state-of-the-art oven designs are available for towbands from 300mm to greater than 4000mm and incorporate a multitude of improvements including energy efficiencyminimization of the chimney effect, improved velocity, uniformity and range, and optimal control of the reaction, which ultimately enhances fiber quality. The company's most recent 3m-wide production scale oxidation oven demonstrates air velocity uniformity, at 2.2%, and temperature uniformity of +/-2.5°C throughout the heated length. Harper reports that its oven design enables enhanced performance with higher and more efficient rates of  carbon fiber production. A technical presentation entitled “Enabling a step change in single-line carbon fiber production capacity through advanced high precision large-scale thermal processing equipment” will be presented by Harper’s technology experts, who will be available at the booth to discuss oxidation oven technology.Visit harperintl.com to learn more about Harper’s technology.

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