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CAMX 2016 preview: Ashland Performance Materials

Ashland Performance Materials will give three presentations at CAMX this year.

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Posted on: 7/21/2016
Source: CompositesWorld

Ashland Performance Materials will give three presentations at CAMX this year. Here are the titles, authors and a brief abstract on each.

1. Monomer-Free Vinylester Resin for Prepreg Applications by Jonathan M. McKay, Ph.D. Research Scientist, 
Ashland Performance Materials

In this report, they will detail the development of a styrene-free vinylester resin suitable for prepreg applications. Investigations regarding resin stability and optimal cure conditions in both continuous fiberglass and carbon fiber systems will be discussed.

2. Achieve desired appearance and process times in a challenging regulatory environment with low styrene resins and gelcoats by Andrew Maher, Ph.D. Research Scientist
, Ashland Performance Materials

Recent developments in the regulatory landscape continue to put pressure on boat manufacturers to reduce styrene emissions and reduce worker exposure. Ashland has taken steps to lower emissions from resins and gelcoats. Ashland will present new ways to help reduce worker exposure and meet new regulations.

3. Use of Fire Retardant Resins and Gelcoats in Mass Transit, Architecture, and Building Materials by Kevin Lambrych and Mike Stevens.

The goal of this session is to educate the audience on the material science of fire retardant (FR) composite materials base on fiber reinforcement, thermoset resins and gelcoats. 

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