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New Product
CAMX 2015 preview: ZyynTek Sensors

ZyynTek Sensors (South Jordan, UT, US) will introduce its line of battery-powered and wirelessly connected sensors to measure, report and archive temperature, humidity and other process data.

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Posted on: 10/11/2015
Source: CompositesWorld

ZyynTek Sensors (South Jordan, UT, US) will introduce its line of battery-powered and wirelessly connected sensors to measure, report and archive temperature, humidity and other process data. Powered by coin cell-type batteries, the useful life of each sensor is determined by environmental conditions and reporting frequency, but can range from 1-2 years. For more frequent reporting (e.g., every 10-15 minutes) ZyynTek offers AA battery-powered sensors. Finally, for reporting every 5 minutes, ZyynTek offers solar sensors, which are sealed against dust and moisture. ZyynTek also offers an online dashboard to ease record finding; data generated by the sensors are auditable and can be presented in a liste or in a chart. ZyynTek software can also be configured to automatically send a message to an e-mail address or phone if a sensor reaches a preset limit. Temperature and humidity are two of more than 50 sensor types available.

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