CAMX 2015 preview: Zund America

Zund America (Franklin, WI, US) will present the G3 M-2500 digital material cutter.

Zund America (Franklin, WI, US) will present the G3 M-2500 digital material cutter. It offers a working surface of 52 by 98 inches and can cut prepreg, dry reinforcements, core materials and finished laminates. It features the Power Rotary Tool (PRT), which is protected against electrically charged or abrasive dusts, as is the cutter itself. To ensure low-impact processing of materials with low melting points, the speed of the rotary knife can be adjusted to specific material requirements. The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool (POT) is suitable for core materials. With its powerful pneumatic drive and extended 8-mm stroke, the POT cuts honeycomb as well as hard foams. With the R62 special router bit, hardened materials can be routed.

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