CAMX 2015 preview: Renegade Materials

Renegade Materials Corp. (Springboro, OH, US) will exhibit with sister company, Maverick Corp., featuring a range of non-MDA polyimide prepreg and adhesive products.

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Renegade Materials Corp. (Springboro, OH, US) will exhibit with sister company, Maverick Corp., featuring a range of non-MDA polyimide prepreg and adhesive products. Renegade Materials’ 700°F polyimide prepreg system, RM-1100, has recently been selected for qualification at multiple international aerospace OEMs.  Renegade’s 600°F MVK-14 Freeform is now flying on commercial engine and aircraft platforms and is in evaluation on primary structure for new, advanced military engines. BMI prepreg systems (RM-3002 and RM-3004), BMI infusion resins (RM-3000 and RM-3010) and BMI adhesives (RM-3011, RM-3006 and RM-3007) will also be featured. RM-3004 is Renegade’s out-of-autoclave-curing BMI with application in aerospace structures and tooling. These products are currently in production and qualification at multiple aerospace primes. Renegade Materials will also feature its low-dielectric prepreg systems, including cyanate ester (RM-5003) and lower-cost modified epoxy (RM-2014-LDk).

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