CAMX 2015 preview: Chemique Adhesives

Chemique Adhesives Inc. (Kennesaw, GA, US) is featuring its Solfre 2, Bondseal and Sabatack composite adhesive and sealant lines.

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Chemique Adhesives Inc. (Kennesaw, GA, US) is featuring its Solfre 2, Bondseal and Sabatack composite adhesive and sealant lines. Solfre 2 is said to provide manufacturers with a strong, yet versatile solvent-free solution for bonding the most demanding lightweight composite panels including architectural and structural insulated panels, hygienic wall cladding and clean room panels, to name a few. In applications where instant grab and long tack life are needed, Chemique’s Bondseal reportedly excels at joining metals, composites and thermoplastic substrates. When a flexible but strong bond is needed, Sabatack provides simple and advantageous processing, speed and reliability of adhesive joints, improved construction rigidity, and superior acoustic and vibration absorption.

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