CAMX 2015 preview: Blueshift International Materials

Blueshift International Materials Inc. (San Antonio, TX, US) is emphasizing AeroZero, reportedly the industry’s first commercially available polyimide aerogel.

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Blueshift International Materials Inc. (San Antonio, TX, US) is emphasizing AeroZero, reportedly the industry’s first commercially available polyimide aerogel. The high-performance material combines the physical and toughness properties of plastic films with the insulation properties of aerogels to create a strong yet lightweight, thin, clean and flexible insulator. AeroZero can be incorporated into composite structures like existing polymer films and stock shapes are today. AeroZero provides superior thermal and acoustic insulation, high thermal stability and low dielectric constant. The product’s 100% polyimide polymer construction eliminates dusting and the requirement for dangerous handling protocols, making it clean and safe. It can withstand extreme high temperatures as well as cryogenic temperatures, providing aerogel-level thermal conductivity and excellent acoustic insulation. As an aerogel, AeroZero has good insulating characteristics, reportedly second only to vacuums, and it has a density approximately 85% lower than traditional polyimides. It is provided in rolls up to 0.9m wide and varying lengths, and is available in thicknesses of 5 mil, 10 mil, and fiber-reinforced 10 mil.  The stock shapes are available in geometries up to 12 by 12 by 2 inches thick. 

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