CAMX 2014 preview: Robotmaster

Robotmaster (St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada) is unveiling tools designed for the manufacture of composite parts using robots.

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Robotmaster (St. Laurent, Quebec, Canada) is unveiling tools designed for the manufacture of composite parts using robots. The capabilities of Robotmaster will be demonstrated live in the booth, where a KUKA robot will trim a carbon fiber part. In addition, Robotmaster will showcase:

  • Automated fixture creation with one-click design/creation of trimming jigs;
  • Configurable universal holding fixtures (UHF);
  • Comprehensive support for simple to complex drilling and riveting;
  • Automated and flexible trimming using intelligent analysis tools;
  • Introduction of fiber layup programming;
  • Enhanced simulation support for complex manufacturing applications.

UHF programming will be demonstrated live in Robotmaster booth; UHF tables offer a single, programmable solution that replaces several mounting jigs. The company will also debut new programming methods designed to enhance process control for inspection and non-destructive testing (NDT).