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October 2014
CAMX 2014 preview: GS Manufacturing

Adhesive application specialist GS Manufacturing (Costa Mesa, Calif., USA) will unveil a new meter-mix dispensing system and a new generation of its well-known X-GUN.

Posted on: 8/28/2014
Source: Composites Technology

Adhesive application specialist GS Manufacturing (Costa Mesa, Calif., USA) will unveil a new meter-mix dispensing system and a new generation of its well-known X-GUN. Fifteen years after the introduction of the XDS (Xtreme Dispensing System), GS Manufacturing has redesigned and further simplified the drive and metering pump assembly, for ease of continued operation and scheduled maintenance. Additional styles of metering pumps and variable speed drive motors are now available for processing epoxy and urethane resins/adhesives and MMA structural adhesives. The main feature of the XDS is continuous, uninterrupted flow of precision-metered materials, to increase production and the quality of composite parts. A new version of the X-GUN features straight through-material porting, allowing higher flow rates and minimizes blockage issues, especially when processing highly filled materials. The original modular design remains, with components fabricated from aircraft-quality billet aluminum (no cast parts), in addition to an ergonomically designed pneumatic trigger. The new version also features GS Manufacturing's ball/seat fluid section.

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