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October 2014
CAMX 2014 preview: Empire Rollers and Coatings

Empire Rollers and Coatings (Fishers, N.Y., USA) will highlight its Glassteel coating technology and the range of applications where it provides strong performance.

Posted on: 8/28/2014
Source: Composites Technology

Empire Rollers and Coatings (Fishers, N.Y., USA) will highlight its Glassteel coating technology and the range of applications where it provides strong performance. This coating is an inorganic, porous-free surface that reportedly won’t breakdown and will significantly outlast metal, ceramic and chrome-plated rollers.  It can also be finished “over the roll edge” for submersion in wash tank acids or other chemical treatments. The Glassteel surface is very smooth, to prevent snagging, and the non-stick surface functions well in laminating, stretching and finishing applications, and when materials need to be removed from forming mandrels. Empire Rollers and Coatings specializes in the design, manufacture, coating, resurfacing and repairing of dip, sizing and surface treatment rolls, corona treater, fountain pan, water pan, release, MDO/hot draw and heating/cooling rolls, from 2 to 22 inches (51 mm to 560 mm) in diameter and up to 12.5-ft/3.8m face length. Applications include rolls for the carbon fiber and prepreg industries.

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