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October 2014
CAMX 2014 preview: Collier Research

Collier Research Corp. (Hampton, Va., USA) will hold public and private demonstrations of HyperSizer, its software used to lightweight the heat shield of NASA’s Orion Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle.

Posted on: 8/27/2014
Source: Composites Technology

Collier Research Corp. (Hampton, Va., USA) will hold public and private demonstrations of HyperSizer, its software used to lightweight the heat shield of NASA’s Orion Multi-purpose Crew Vehicle. NASA’s Orion team used information gathered from HyperSizer analyses to inform discussions that led to an 1,100-lb/500-kg reduction of the final weight of the baseline design. The un-crewed test flight of the vehicle, Exploration Flight Test-1, is currently slated for December 2014. The final HyperSizer-designed heat shield will be used on later, manned flights. HyperSizer, the first software commercialized out of NASA, provides stress analysis and sizing optimization for reducing the weight of aircraft, wind turbine blades and other structures, in addition to space vehicles—whether designed with composite or metallic materials. A typical HyperSizer analysis is said to produce weight savings of between 25 and 40 percent.

James Ainsworth, aerospace stress engineer at Collier Research, will present, "Automated Design and Analysis of Alternative Concepts for the Orion Heat Shield Carrier Structure." His paper, offered during the Thursday morning session at CAMX, will provide an in-depth look at the design and analysis process, as well as the analytical methods used to perform trade studies of the Orion heat shield carrier structure. In addition, Collier Research has added a U.S. distributor to its multinational network: Jim Jeans, president of Structural Design & Analysis Inc. Jeans will be available at Collier Research’s booth to answer questions and provide information.

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